The cashless way to pay

Powered by Glownet RFID Solutions, we've tackled festivals, concerts, shows and events with 40,000+ attendees, 70 vendors and 176,000+ individual transactions.

Allow your guest to create accounts and load money online. They collect a wristband at the event, have the time of their lives (cashlessly), and cash out later.

Seamlessly and safely implemented in any event environment: urban or remote. Network-independence means no down-time. A faster experience mean more transactions!

Ticketing 3.0

What's the worst thing about organising music festivals, large-scale celebrations, nightclubs, trade shows, sporting events and more?

The crowds.

Powered by Nutickets, Howler Access transforms ticket handling, distribution and access into paperless, smooth and pain-free experiences. On both sides. because it's a complete box office solution for all types of ticket sales, across all distribution points

Howler ACCESS uses next-gen technology to eliminate queues, theft and fraud, and help you give your guests moments that matter.

Full service, no FOMO

Not all events are created equal, so Howler Discover puts your event right in front of the right consumer

Direct your desired market to your event, help them buy tickets, provide access on the day, and facilitate hassle-free transactions at every touchpoint.

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