Havxn x Givenchy House Party


9 Homestead Edenberg

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General Rules

Event Policy Information for Havxn x Givenchy House Party

Date: October 5th, 20XX

Location: 9 Homestead Edenberg

We want all our guests to have a fantastic time at the Havxn x Givenchy House Party while ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience. Please review the following event policies:

1. Dress Code:

  • Guests wearing Havxn attire get free entry.Dress in chic and stylish fashion to match the event's ambiance.

2. Entry Fee:

  • If not wearing Havxn attire, regular entry fees apply

3. Age Restrictions:

  • This event is open to guests of all ages. No ID is required.

4. Security:

  • Security personnel will be present to ensure the safety of all guests.Bag checks may be conducted at the entrance for security reasons.

5. Behavior:

  • Respect the venue and fellow guests.Any disruptive behavior may result in ejection from the event.

6. DJ Lineup:

  • Enjoy live performances by our incredible DJs: MNKY, JVNKINS, and Harristo. \

7 No firearms, weapons of any sort are allowed on premise

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