Every Moment Matters

Howler, is the powerful event technology platform designed at the uppermost benchmarks of service and technology to help consumers and event organisers to make moments that matter.

The cashless way to pay

  • Manage all your cashless cards and wristbands in one place
  • Never worry about losing your cashless cards or forgetting to cashout

Your Howler Account allows you to:


  • Pre-load your cashless event account with credits online via a credit card or EFT payment.
  • Collect your wristband/card at the entrance and have it seamlessly paired to your account.
  • Topup via your mobile during the event New or topup at a Howler Loaded Station at the event with cash or a credit card.
  • Top up your friends and family online before or during the event New .


  • Pair your event cashless card/wristbands to your online account during the event
  • Cashout to any South African bank account and receive the funds within 2 workings days.
  • Be notified when online cashouts are open, generally 48-72 hours after the event.
  • Sign up for auto cashout New and have your left over funds auto-magically cashed out.

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Looking for the vendor portal?

  • Setup and manage your products online.
  • Change your prices at any time and continue trading uninterrupted.
  • View your reports and cashout Coming Soon.

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