The Final Quest | Cape Town 2019


This event has ended


Age Requirement
No Under 18
There will be (limited) safe and secure parking across the road from the venue
Prohibited Items
No food, beverages, weapons or dangerous items, drugs or illegal substances, glass, pets, hubbly bubblys, cooler boxes or bad attitudes are allowed into the venue
Participation in this Event is entirely at your own risk. The Organisers, venue, staff and contractors are not liable for any harm, loss or death due to negligence of any form whilst attending the event. Attendees grant the Organisers, promoters, artists and sponsors permission for photographers and videographers to take pictures and video footage of them at the event and to use this material for any means whatsoever during and following the event, royalty free and in perpetuity. Please keep close contact of your possessions. Please don’t drink and drive.
Ticket Refund Policy


The Kraken is Alive