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    What is ‘Cashless’?

    • Howler is a cashless platform which uses RFID cards or wristbands to transact at events.

    • Topup with any amount online before the event, or at a Howler topup stations strategically located within the event.

    • Tap your card or wristband to pay at any bar, merchandise, or food trader to instantly complete your transaction. No pin, no incorrect change, no cash needed.

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    Why Cashless?

    • Large scale events have become increasingly complex and it has become more difficult to impress customers. Cashless payments allow for an easier, faster and safer customer experience.

    • You don’t need to worry about how much to topup - any money left over can be easily cashed out. Online cashouts usually open on Wednesdays at 12PM, and remain available for 30 days following that. (Sometimes a small fee may apply)

    • With online topup, you can leave your wallet or purse at home, and forget the stress of losing them.

    • ATM’s and card machines tend to be unreliable when thousands of people are near one cellphone tower - Howler cashless operates completely offline - allowing for instant transacting.

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    How do I topup?

    • You can topup online before the event using credit card or EFT. These credits will be applied to your cashless card or wristband when you arrive at the event.

    • You can topup within the event at any Howler topup station using cash or card.

    • To avoid having to keep visiting a topup station, we suggest topping up what you’ve budgeted to spend at the event from the get-go.

    • The more that you load at once, the less you’ll miss out - any left over money can be cashed out online. (Sometimes a small fee may apply)

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    How do I topup online?

    • Sign up at and click Topup within My Wallet. Howler finds all your tickets using your email address, if you can’t see your ticket, simply add the relevant email address in My Account. Alternatively, you can manually enter the ticket barcode number.

    • You can pay using card or EFT and your credits will reflect on the ticket.

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    If I topup online, do I still need to visit a topup station at the event?

    • If the event supports it, your online topups will be applied as you enter the event. Alternatively, there will be an online topup redemption station near the event entrance you simply need to tap your card or wristband and the topups will be applied.

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    Is there a fee to topup?

    • No, the only time you may be charged a fee is for a cashless card you will receive at the event. You will only be charged this once. Not all events charge a fee for cashless cards.

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    How do I link my cashless card to my profile?

    • Sign up to at and click Cashout within My Wallet. You can pair your cashless card or wristband using the number printed on the back. Sometimes, Howler is able to automatically pair this to your account.

    • If you enable auto-cashout, we will automatically cashout the remaining balance when cashouts become available.

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    How do I cashout online?

    • Sign up to at and click Cashout within My Wallet. You can pair your cashless card or wristband using the number printed on the back. Sometimes, Howler is able to automatically pair this to your account.

    • Click Cashout on the particular card or wristband you wish to cashout. Cashouts sometimes incur a small fee. EFT cashouts can take up to two working days to reflect in your bank account. PayPal cashouts are not recommended as they can take up to 30 days to reflect in your account.

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    What is auto-cashout?

    • If you enable auto-cashout, Howler can automatically cash out your card or wristband when cashouts become available. You may still need to manually pair your card or wristband when you receive it.

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    Can I use my Howler card at any Howler event?

    • Unfortunately, you can only use your Howler card at the event at which it was issued. Our team is hard at work identifying a solution to allow you to use this across multiple events.

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    What if I forget to cashout?

    • Once cashouts close, any leftover funds are transferred to the event organiser and can no longer be accessed by Howler.

    • You will not be able to cashout if you miss the deadline.

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    Will there be ATMs on site?

    • At most Howler cashless events, there are no ATMs, because they’re unreliable in congested areas. You can always load your card or wristband using your credit or debit card at a Howler topup station. Alternatively, avoid the hassle by topping up online.

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    What happens if I lose my card or wristband?

    • You need to treat your card or wristband like cash. If you lose it, you will need to request a new one and topup again. Any remaining credits from your previous wristband will be lost as credits cannot be remotely removed.

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    What happens if my card or wristband gets damaged?

    • Any damaged card/wristband can be replaced and the remaining credits will be transferred.

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    How do I know what the balance is on my card/wristband?

    • Always ask for the total of your purchase, before you are charged.

    • Immediately after every transaction, the reader will indicate your remaining balance. Always ask the bartender or cashier to show you your remaining balance.

    • In addition, you can check your balance at any bar, vendor or Howler topup station.

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    How can I view my transactions?

    • At the event, visit a Howler topup station and the staff will be able to show you your most recent transactions.

    • After the event, you can request a full transaction history by emailing us on, or filling out this form.

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    Can I share a card/wristband?

    • You can’t use two cards or wristbands on one transaction. If you want to share a card or wristband you will need to load one card or wristband with credits for both of you.

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    What if something goes wrong at an event?

    • You can visit any Howler topup station and the manager will be able to refund you any incorrectly charged amount, as well as applying any online topups which have not reflected.

    • Larger events will have a dedicated customer support station to assist with any complex issues.