Heineken Ladies Polo Invitational 2022



Parking is very limited at Inanda Club and all spectators are urged to use Uber or an alternative taxi service on the day. Limited parking is available for Picnic Site ticket holders at Inanda Greens Office Park, 54 Wierda Road West, Sandton. Guests parking here will be directed to the pedestrian entrance to the Inanda Club.
You are welcome to bring your own food or if you prefer, picnic hampers are available for order through By Word of Mouth by emailing Gizelle.vanderMerwe@bywordofmouth.co.za
No alcohol or beverages are allowed to be brought onto site on the day. Please place your beverage order through By Word of Mouth by emailing Gizelle.vanderMerwe@bywordofmouth.co.za. A cash bar is available to General Access ticket holders.
In order to gain access to the grounds through the entrance, guests will first need to provide a valid ID.
Additional Tickets
Additional individual picnic site tickets are available for purchase over and above the 5 or 10 ticket minimums that are included with each site.
Picnic Site General Info
Each site is ideally suited to 10 people although allowance has been made for 5 person picnic sites. No electrical supply is available to any of the picnic sites. Each site will be supplied with shade umbrellas which will need to be taken down during the polo game itself for the enjoyment of everyone at the venue and to ensure the best viewing experience possible.
Prohibited Items
No glass items including bottles and cups. No weapons of any kind. No outside alcohol or beverages. No cooler boxes. No illegal substances or objects..
Ticket Refund Policy


Inanda Club