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Raising Hope

My name is Chad Nathan and I have been documenting the Coronavirus lockdown since March 27th, 2020. Through documenting this, I have seen the impact this disease has had on the less fortunate in South Africa. I have been working alongside Cans With Purpose, Ladles of Love, Breadline Africa, and Courage the last few weeks and have witnessed all the amazing work they are doing for those in need. What started as an initiative to raise R100 000 to help these four organisations led to much more money and awareness being raised. Because of that, we are now able to give money to other organisations in need as well. We are approaching winter time here in South Africa, and the cold weather presents even more hardships for those lacking essential items, and especially those without a home. We are all going through this unprecedented time together and it is unclear how long it will last for. Let's Raise Hope together!

R150 / R100 000 raised


No illegal substance to be used in the Zoom Rooms.
No illegal substance to be used in the Zoom Rooms.
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